AuRas Super Skin-lightening Gel

    Skin whitening products have become increasingly popular in the past few years. The main purpose for skin whitening products is to lighten the skin as well as even to skin tone or to treat pigmentation disorders such as freckles, pregnancy marks and age spots. Skin color is a function of the size, number and the distribution of melanin cells, which of darkly pigmented skin have thicker, longer and branched dendrites. The racial difference in human color may primarily be due to difference in the tyrosinase activity in the melanin cells. The more active, the tyrosinase is; the darker, the melanin cells are.

    Melanin is the pigment in your skin, responsible for splotchy or uneven tanning. The increased dark yellow, light brown, yellowish brown pigmentation or age spots may be brought on or increased by over exposure to the sun or other forms of ultraviolet light, bad health, problems with the liver functions, or other causes, both known and unknown. These spots are often first noticed on the arms and hands after 55 years old. They also appear, occasionally, on the chest, back, and less frequently on the legs and torso. Melanin is harmless and painless but may affect the cosmetic appearance. The melanin can and should be prevented by diligent skin care and careful, protected exposure to the sun.

    AuRas Super Skin-lightening gel is dramatically effective as skin whitener for any skin type. Not only because it contains very affective whitening ingredients and active ingredients for nourishment, but also because the excellent formulation produces a cooperating efficacy, that accelerate and help in increasing the skin whitening and nourishment for natural health and beauty. This Lightening product applies the most powerful whiteners, Kojic acid, Alpha-arbutin, and Vitamin C. They are all of natural origin and considered the agents of choice of high quality, very effective skin lightening agents in the world to date. Therefore, it is able to act as a faster, more efficient lightener than existing single whitener successfully in the reduction of age spots and pigmentation. This lightener employs both powerful antioxidants, Vitamin C and Vitamin E, forming the most strong anti-aging team to provide sustained antioxidant protection in the skin elastic fibres.

   Beside, AuRas Super Skin-lightening gel uses the α-glycolic acid (AHA) to help remove undesirable signs of skin aging, revealing a fresher-looking layer of skin. It is also known as exfoliation, to stimulate the skin and healthy cells regenerated. Both AHA and Aloe Vera gel are excellent moisturizer to soothe, heal, moisturize and generate skin.

    As a result of professional optimization, AuRas Super Skin-lightening gel possesses unique properties to reveal a fresh appearance with a lighter, brighter and smooth skin in just few weeks and to bring the special features to all skin types, including delicate or sensitive skin.

  • easily spread and smoothly absorbed into skin;

  • quickly penetrate upper skin layers to deep dermis;

  • much mild and less irritation  on the skin;

  • successfully lighten pigment spots and skin discoloration;

  • enhance skin moisture, clarity, tone and elasticity;

  • strengthen the natural defence and regeneration;

  • fight the fines and wrinkles for anti aging.

AuRas Super Skin-lightening gel

Direction for use:

  • Apply at night after face wash and then dry.

  • Oily skin might take longer to show the dramatic results. Use AuRas Refreshing Face Cleanser for face wash.

  • Pump a few drops of  Gel to the back of one hand; transfer it into the place by the tip of finger.

  • Massage gently with a light motion from the center to around.

  • Do not rub the gel even by the palms of two hands together.

  • Avoid contacting your eyes during application.

  • Do not open or exposure the container to the air or the sunshine.

  • Use at the room temperature (20 - 25C).

  • Require to store in fridge if unused for two weeks.

  • For the best results, it is recommend not only using AuRas Super Skin-lightening gel for skin whitening, but also applying AuRas Beauty-sleeping Night Cream together to strength the skin self-generation and self-balance, slowing down the formation of melanin and the facial ageing for skin natural health and beauty.


"I am certainly seeing some improvement with your AuRas Super Skin-lightening gel in removing a large burn scar I obtained a year ago. I have tried several other products but yours seem to show slight success. The burn scar is slowly getting a bit lighter so I will continue to use it for a while longer. I appreciate your offer of free gifts and would prefer the daily-nourishing collagen. - Sara, UK -


"I cannot believe that the color spots on my face would disappear after using one bottle of your AuRas Super Skin-lightening gel  three years ago. Previously, I have tried to use many kinds of creams or medicines, but the spots grown up again after use. The black spots on my face became lighter after use for a couple of weeks. Afterwards, I noticed that my face skin looked fresh and bright. My face skin was obviously fine and smooth when completing one bottle (30 ml). Now I continue to use it by one or twice weekly and others of your AuRas Skincare Products daily to maintain my face for naturally youthful appearance. Now my colleagues and patients at my hospital find the big change on my face skin and appearance and ask me to get your products. Therefore, I would like to show my thanks for your great creation, bring the benefits to my life, and so I like to share my happy experience with all of my friends, colleagues and patients in the use of your magic AuRas Super Skin-lightening gel because I want all of them to be beautiful." - Julia, Canada -


"My face has no color spots yet, but my face skin always looks grey like masked with a film, so I go to face treatment weekly. After using your AuRas Super Skin-lightening gel for two weeks, I am very excited when my doctor noticed that my face reduced grey color and revealed bright from the inside of skin. She was surprised with my truth.. Now I continue to use it with other AuRas Skincare Products together. Beside, I feel my face becomes soft and smooth, and I almost cannot find the fine lines on my face. Therefore, I may not need skin treatment afterwards. I am sure that every one would be very pleased to have such big change for naturally nice looking easily." - Marie, Paris -


"I feel sad when I find one brown spot on my right hand. I know that it is a signal of age and it grows up, but it seems little earlier to my age. Therefore, I search the powerful whitener agents and skin lightening products. Your AuRas Super Skin-lightening gel is shown by the 1st page of Google with the keyword, Kojic acid skin lightening. Your web site gives me good impression in your scientific knowledge for skin care. Therefore, I try to buy your lightening gel. I am surprised to see the spot is faded a bit in the use of 3rd day. I am curious the color change, so take the pictures for comparison. It is so amazing to see the spot is almost gone on the 8th day of use. I stop to use it and want to store it, in the case, other spots appear. Now I trust your AuRas Skincare Products and then I am going to try others of your products. - Anna, USA -

AuRas Super Lightening Gel

AuRas Super Lightening Gel

AuRas Super Lightening Gel

AuRas Super Lightening Gel
AuRas Super Skin-lightening
AuRas Super Skin-lightening
AuRas Skin Anti Aging for Natural Beauty
AuRas Skin Anti Aging for Natural Beauty

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AuRas Skin Anti Aging for Natural Beauty
AuRas Skin Anti Aging for Natural Beauty

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AuRas Skin Anti Aging for Natural Beauty
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